ELIZABETH CARSON – Miami Penthouse

Elizabeth Carson – Miami Penthouse
A swimwear company booked Elizabeth for a shooting in Miami. A crew of three young men was sent to the penthouse apartment. They brought a tiny orange bikini and clear high heels for her to wear. Elizabeth oiled her body and went out to the terrace.
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The Shooting Begins

The three young latinos look transformed to hungry wolves. Their eyes were all over her body. Elizabeth realized it right away. She said “I love the warm weather here, the sunshine and I like latinos a lot. Should we start the shooting? How should I pose for you?”

“Could you turn around, please” one of the guys said and they started shooting.

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

Elizabeth was not surprised at all. As usual, she thought. They want to enjoy my booty …

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

The shooting went well. Elizabeth knows how to pose. They took even close-ups of her booty.

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

Elizabeth was enjoying the view. She felt good about herself and when the crew wanted a 2 hours break, she agreed.

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

Elizabeth Alone in The Penthouse

The crew left the penthouse. She took her bikini top off and laid down on the sunbed. Elizabeth closed her eyes and started playing with her nipples. She was getting horny. The young latinos and the shooting turned her on.

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

Elizabeth was glad to be alone for some time. The sun made her horny and she started to play with her pussy. She had no idea that the crew left a recording smartphone and two small video cameras hidden out on the terrace and in the room.

What you see below is a short piece of the mobile film.

Latino Roomservice Penthouse

After a while roomservice knocked on the door. The crew organized to have a bottle of champagne brought to her because she told them how much she liked it. Elizabeth was glad and she liked also the latino who brought the bottle. They chatted out there on the terrace. She made sure he could see all of her body

He opened the bottle and filled her glass. Elizabeth took a big sip because she was thirsty. It was sunny and hot and she started feeling really good.

She ordered some food and a Daiquiri and asked if he could come and bring it. He said “for sure, I will be right back with your cocktail and food”. She spread her legs wide so he could see her pussy when she gave him a generous tip.

Right after he left Elizabeth took her bikini top off. She wanted to open the door topless when he would come back. A few minutes later he brought her order. She was kneeling on the bed and he kept staring at her breasts. She told him how much she liked the latino type.

It did not take long and he undressed, grabbed her booty and was licking her big and hard nipples.

She could not wait to suck his cock.

Then she enjoyed it at lot when he fucked her hard from behind on the bed.

The Crew’s Back

Soon after the crew came back. They noticed that Elizabeth had quite some drinks and was in a very good mood. They asked if she could pose topless for them and she said “Yes!”

Elizabeth Carson - Miami Bikini

One of the guys said “I forgot my smartphone on the terrace” and he went to get it. “Oh, what is this?” he said and showed the video to Elizabeth and the other two guys. She was first shocked but then laughed and said “So what, you guys made me horny and I masturbated a little.”

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Then one guy went for the other cameras and brought them. Elizabeth said “what is this? You have more recordings? You gotta be kidding …” They all looked at the video. “Wow, he really gave it to you. You must like Latinos …”

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting D&G

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