Sexy High Heels


A swimwear company booked Elizabeth for a shooting in Miami. It was made on the terrace of a penthouse. She had to wear a tiny orange bikini and high heels.

She noticed a guy on a balcony next to her apartment watching the shooting and taking pics with his smartphone. She made believe she did not see him and when the shooting was over she went again out on the terrace.  The guy was now taking pics of her like crazy because she was alone since the photographer and his team left some minutes ago. 

She made believe to enjoy the view and heard him taking more pics, probably of her sexy booty. She decided to make the guy go crazy.

She put out a chair and made believe she was just sunbathing. She took her bikini top off, closed her eyes and started playing with her nipples.

She noticed that the guy was now filming with his smartphone. She would make sure that he would have to copy all pics and the film for her and then delete all from his phone. 
She started to masturbate and could hear that the guy was wanking hard already.

What you see below is a short piece of the confiscated handy film.

Elizabeth had her eyes closed when she masturbated.

At the end she asked the guy to come over. She did not have to wait long. She told him to take more pics, posed for him and continued to masturbate.

Don’t you want to show me your big one now?” she asked and he immediately pulled down his shorts. 

They went inside and she sucked his cock and then he fucked her like crazy on the big bed.

Elizabeth made sure he transferred all pics and vids to her phone and deleted them from his phone before she let him go back to his apartment.

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