Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Boots Casting


A shoe company needed an older model with nice legs for their new boots catalogue. They told the photographer to organize a casting.

When he saw Elizabeth he liked her looks and wanted to have some fun with her and the whole team during this casting. He gave her beige boots and a special outfit to wear. It was see-through and barely covered her body. He asked her to sit at the chair and wait for the team to get ready. Elizabeth felt quite uncomfortable sitting there and tried to hide as much as possible while watching the crew.

The crew was now ready and the photographer asked her to lift one leg over the other and show the boots. She knew that they would now see her tits.

“Please lift your arms and look to the camera!” Elizabeth’ nipples got big because she knew they all could see her tits now.

“You seem to be too nervous. You have to relax, Elizabeth. Let’s have some white wine first. What do you think?” Elizabeth was glad and she asked for a 2nd glass right away.

“You will get the job, Elizabeth but all of us here would like to have some fun when we work. So could you spread your legs and show us your pussy, Elizabeth?”

“You have nice big pussy lips can you open them for us?”


“And now lean back and masturbate for us, Elizabeth!”


The photographer and his crew were very turned on and asked her to move over to the bed. Can you imagine what happened?

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