Sexy High Heels

ELIZABETH CARSON – Schoolgirl Roleplay

Fashion-Model Elizabeth got booked for a schoolgirl shooting outdoor. She had to wear white overknees, high heels, skirt, a pink top and glasses and pose as innocent looking as possible.
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Look sideways as if you’re a little scared!


Stand sideways and lift your skirt up!


Now front and show us your pussy!


We want to see your booty now!

Bend over and look to the camera, Liz!


For the second part of the shooting she wore again high heels but different glasses, a grey skirt, white shirt and she carried school books on her way home.

She met a worker and got scared.

He started talking to her and then grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down.

He unbuttoned his jeans and made her suck his big and hard cock


Then he lifted her up and started to fuck her really hard!

He moved her around and gave it to her from behind!

The worker fucked her so hard that she was glad that it was finally over.


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