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Francesca Felucci Photographer Adventure

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Photographer Adventure

You know how much Francesca likes black guys. They turn her on very much. You can therefore probably imagine how much she was looking forward to a photo shooting with a good looking black photographer …

The first thing she did was taking a selfie with him.

She was horny right from the beginning. Her nipples were big and hard.

For the first pictures she put on a black wig.

Then he offered her some white wine.

She was turned on while getting ready for the first set. Her pussy was hot already and she was looking forward to posing for him.

They made first some pictures on a black leather sofa. Her clit was big, she showed him everything and it made her feel even better.

She turned around and showed him her nice big and round booty. She made sure he could also see her pussy well.

Then she took off her wig and oiled her body. He kept taking pictures and she could see how excited he was. This turned her on even more.

Can you imagine what happend when she got all naked in the doggystyle position on the floor?

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