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Elizabeth Carson - Latex Babe

ELIZABETH CARSON – Latex Babe Foot Fetish & Much More

Latex Babe Elizabeth has her slave over. She is dressed in a black latex miniskirt and top and high heels. She wants to train her slave, so he can fulfill all her wishes. Enjoy a few low-res samples and JOIN NOW! to see all photos in high-res.

She poses for her slave to turn him on.

Look at me. Do you like this outfit?
I want to give you some pleasure.

On the floor and lick my high heels!

Lick them well, slave!

Take your clothes off, suck the heels and lick my feet!

Let’s crush your little cock before I look at it!

You are not hard. Bad boy!
Sooo tiny. Not good for me!

I have to stand on you while you lick my toes!

Does it hurt?

Suck all my toes and then I will massage your cock a little!

Lick and suck them all!
Look at my pussy, slave, while I wank your lousy cock!

Now I wanna see your cock really big and hard!

I will now suck your cock so he gets big and really hard for me.

… and she starts to suck his cock and make him big and hard so he can then fuck her hard and long which should not be a problem since his cock is circumcised. He had also some training with her before because she wants to make sure he obeys her all the time.

Make my pussy wet and juicy!

Put your cock deep inside me from behind now!

… and fuck me really hard and long!

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Elizabeth Carson Latex Babe Overview_1
Elizabeth Carson Latex Babe Overview_1
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Elizabeth Carson Latex Babe Overview_2

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