Sexy High Heels
Francesca Felucci - Spanked, Tied and Taped

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Spanked, Tied and Taped

Francesca has today a special shooting. She’s wearing a black minidress with openings for her big boobs and of course high heels.

The male model is dressed in leather biker pants and boots. Francesca sees that he is already big and has to smile.

He likes Francesca a lot and touches her booty while kissing her.

He has a special wish and whispers it in her ear while touching her booty again.

“I want to tie you and spank your booty!”

Francesca says “Yes!” He ties her and lifts the dress up and starts spanking her sexy booty.

Francesca’s booty is all red and he is turned on so much that he wants to fuck her before he tapes all her body. She can feel his big cock on her upper thigh.





He then forces his big one in her mouth

and fucks her hard and long in all positions


before he cums on her blindfolded taped face.

Enjoy the trailer which will give you an idea how much fun Francesca and her partner had!

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Francesca Felucci - Spanked, Tied and Taped Overview
Francesca Felucci – Spanked, Tied and Taped Overview

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