Sexy High Heels


Since her first casting went so well, Chocolate got a booking just a few days later. She was excited but also a bit nervous. They gave her a see-through white body and high heels. Her amazing butt fascinated the three men.


They wanted something more and special from her.  They asked her to go into the cat position and then she’d get cuffed. They wanted to enjoy her booty while she was in a helpless situation. They walked around her and kept staring at her ass.


That was not enough. In addition she got blindfolded. So she could not see anymore what the guys were doing …



She got now scared a little. She had to show them her booty and could hear them breathing heavily. Were they wanking their cocks?


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After about 15 minutes they uncuffed her and asked if she would come again in a few days. They wanted a real hot booty show and she said yes.

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