ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Latex Costume

Elizabeth Carson Casting Latex Costume – She got invited by a private TV station in Zurich for a latex casting. They wanted her to pose in a black and red latex costume.

She had to show her tits and they also wanted her to masturbate in front of them. They wanted her to rub her big nipples and play with her pussy piercing.

“You have to turn us on, show us your tongue, Elizabeth and play with your nipples!”

“Very good! And now we want you to play with a dildo” and they showed her a small red one. She started to lick it wet and asked “do you want me to put it in my pussy?”

She used the red dildo for a while and then they gave her a huge purple one. “You need something bigger, Elizabeth” they said.

It was almost too big for Elizabeth’ pussy. She had to really push to get the dildo in.

Elizabeth managed and you can see how she uses the purple dildo intensely in the video below.

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Below is another latex adventure with Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Carson - Blue Latex Action
Elizabeth Carson – Blue Latex Action

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