Dangerous Games 2

Francesca Felucci as Callgirl in London in a very intense adventure – Episode 2 of Dangerous Games.

Dangerous Games Episode 2

Francesca got booked in London. She was told to wear a tight black dress, stockings and high heels only.

Dangerous Games Episode 2

First he wants to see her pussy and then her booty.

Dangerous Games Episode 2

Watch the sfw trailer showing you the beginning of this hot adventure – Dangerous Games Episode 2:

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What happens next?

Francesca has to walk up and down the room while he is just sitting there. He likes it how her booty is nicely wobbling when she walks.Dangerous Games Episode 2

Dangerous Games Episode 2

Francesca has then to lick his cock and stick her long tongue out.
Dangerous Games Episode 2

He tells her to suck his big and hard cock.Dangerous Games Episode 2

Then he grabs her head and fucks her mouth hard and deep.

Francesca has to kneel on the leather chair and present her ass to him before he fucks her hard from behind.

She has to lay on her stomach on the floor and he continues to fuck her and he kisses her intensely.

Then she has to stand up. He drinks some water before he starts to pound her hard from behind and grabbing her titts and hair. Francesca screams in pain and lust.

He is obsessed with her ass. He wants her to kneel in front of the bed and stick her ass out. Then he fucks her doggystyle with her legs together.

She is told to get up to the bed, again in the doggystyle position. He grabs her leg and starts to fuck her brains out. Her buttocks are wobbling like crazy.

Then he grabs her by the hair and fucks her even harder! Francesca screams but he does not care. He continues to give it to her really hard and long.

At the end he wanted to cum on her stockings.

Francesca got it so hard that she was totally exhausted. She will for sure never forget this adventure.

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