DEA DONATELLA – Stockings Highheels

Sexy High Heels photos and video with Dea Donatella (a.k.a. Rania von Starck) in stockings wearing sexy red high heels from GML. The Stockings Highheels photos and video were produced in Zurich.

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What is nicer than a pair of long legs in stockings and heels? She looks back at you and orders you to go on your knees. Then she uses her whip on you because you got hard looking at her.

She knows that is almost impossible for a man not to get hard and therefore, she looks at you and says “Take your cock out. Show me how big you are. I want to see how you wank it hard while you adore my sexy booty.”

Too bad GML does not exist anymore …

Enjoy the trailer:

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Stylish and Glamorous!

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See how she makes men nervous!

how_to_make_men_nervous with Dea Donatella

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BIG DIFFERENCE . . .Donatella has style, a grand design scemhe.Christina crams too much into every space — no sense of design (or taste.) Nice shoe closet, though. Ha.xo

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