Elizabeth got again a booking for a fashion show. She already worked for them some years ago. She remembered how they served her prosecco and more. The guys and their cameras were ready and she started to dance … and took off the hotpants.
This adventure “Dance for Us” is based on a true story

Before the Boobs Job

You can enjoy that adventure here.

After the Boobs Job

Elizabeth had in the meantime her titts made and the guys were excited about that. She had to show several dresses and they recorded her catwalk performance with video cameras and took also pictures.

Versace, Dolce&Gabbana … and many more … but she had to show more … because they wanted to see big new titts.

The last dress she had to show was girlish and had a flower design. They asked her to go down on the floor and of course wanted her to lift the dress exposing her booty but they wanted her to also show the new big titts again.

The guys were staring down at her. She had the legs spread wide exposing her pierced pussy and she noticed the big bulges in their pants.

They suggested to go again up to the apartment and wanted her to wear a very short D&G dress.

After some proseccos and a lot of fat lines they asked her to dance for them and the dress was off her sexy body quite fast.

Then they wanted her to suck their cocks … and after she took more lines she started.
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