Ex-Fashion-Model Elizabeth Carson decided to go to a casting for a shooting with a special metal dress and she really wanted to get that job. They showed her a picture they took of the other casting model in that dress. She had a great booty. Around the waist it looked as if almost being nude. The ass and pussy were quite visible.

This adventure “Casting Metal” is based on a true story

She put on the metal dress and they went outside for some photos. Her nipples were hard because she was already turned on a little and they were also visible like her pussy.

It was easy to pose in it because Elizabeth knew how to turn the casting crew on. She could feel their eyes on her booty and pussy.

They went back inside and offered her some prosecco. Elizabeth wanted to know why they did not take the other model with the great booty for the job. They explained her that the other model did not really want to show her pussy and she did not want to work with a male model. Elizabeth was now confused because she did not know that a male model was involved. She had no problem to show her pussy but what did they want from her with the male model?

They all moved to the the other side of the studio with the bed and chair. The male model was already waiting. The guys asked her to kneel in front of him and lick his pierced nipples.

She liked piercings and had fun doing it and she liked showing her ass. They wanted her to sit on him and stick her ass nicely out.

You’re perfect for the job, Elizabeth. You have the best ass!

“We want you to take his leather trousers off and then rub your booty on him. Make him big and hard.” She could feel his cock on her butt and enjoyed rubbing it.

Sit on him, lift your legs and massage his cock, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth was proud to show them her long legs and pierced pussy. When she was told to turn around and let him lick her pussy and suck his big cock, she hesitated first but decided to go for it.

Then they wanted her get on the bed and let him fuck her from behind. Elizabeth was already totally turned on and doggystyle was anyways her favorite.

Go down – he will give it to you hard and long from behind, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth had to scream because the guy really fucked her hard.

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Metal Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Metal Overview

Elizabeth likes to get fucked hard and long from behind and when they cum on her ass.

How about an adventure with Francesca Felucci wearing a metal dress?

Francesca in metal dress by JP Gaultier

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