Sexy High Heels
Elizabeth Carson - Nurse


Young fashion model Elizabeth Carson got booked for a roleplay photo shooting. She had to act as a nurse and wear a sexy outfit with stockings and high heels boots. Elizabeth never did something like this  and was therefore a bit nervous when she started to pose on the bed. She tried to make sure that her tits were not visible.

She was asked to pose sexier, to stick her tongue out and to show her tits as well. She hesitated first but decided to do what they wanted from her. Topless was not a big deal, she thought.

Then they wanted her to pose sideways and stick her booty out. Elizabeth did not realize that her pussy was visible. They gave her compliments how sexy her legs and ass were. She had to lay down, put her head back and and lift one leg up and again she did not notice that her pussy was visible.

They asked her then to turn around and show her ass and pussy. Elizabeth did not know what to do but she felt quite good and so she did it.

She started to get really nervous when they asked her to check the male model’s cock with the stethoscope. She barely touched him and held it just with her fingertips. They told her to move down and stick the tongue out while “examining” his cock.


They asked her if she had ever done “softcore” and she said “I don’t know what you mean”. “It’s like having sex with clothes on. It’s just pretending, allright? So please lay on your back and lift both legs up. Hold yourself on the bed. He will grab your legs and make believe he is fucking you. You will then put your legs on his shoulder and look at him.” The guy started to move his muscular body and rub his cock on her pussy. Elizabeth was sort of shocked but fascinated at the same time. She liked it.

They told her to close her eyes and to stick her tongue out. He then quickly lifted her up and started to lick her pussy. Elizabeth could not protest anymore. They asked her to moan because they were not only producing photos but also videos. Elizabeth was caught off guard but tried her best and she sounded quite real (because she liked it, actually).

They wanted doggystyle and therefore she had to turn around. “Please make believe you get fucked hard from behind and that you really enjoy it.” The guy kept pushing his body hard on her and her booty started to wobble nicely. It got really intense and she was acting quite well. Her glasses did not stay on her nose. He used all his power and she really started to like the guy.


They were happy with her and asked if she would also do hardcore. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Well, the real stuff. Not pretending.” Elizabeth was torn. In a way she wanted to do it but she was also scared of it. “Okay, I will try it”, she finally said.
“Let’s start with him licking your tits before you give him a nice and long blowjob. He has a circumcised and nice big cock. You will like it!” Elizabeth was now really nervous. She looked at the cock in her hands. “Just suck him and look at the camera!” What the hell, she thought and put him in her mouth. She was really horny because she liked the guy a lot, especially because of his muscular body.

Elizabeth was first a bit shy but then she started to really enjoy it. She massaged his body and then his cock. She really gave him a long and deep blowjob. He licked her pussy. They did some hot 69 and then he fucked her hard and long in all positions. She liked it so much that she took his condom off at the end so he could fuck her better. And that’s exactly what he did. He was well built and strong and he simply fucked her brains out.

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Elizabeth Carson - Nurse Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Nurse Overview

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