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Elizabeth Carson Private Show 22

ELIZABETH CARSON – Private Show 22

Ex-fashion-model Elizabeth Carson received an email with a very interesting job offer. A rich guy from Switzerland offered her a prepayment of CHF 11’000 for a performance in his villa in Zurich. He had 22 outfits ready for this private show for him and his 10 guests on a Saturday 22:00 open end. He would offer even more in cash depending on how the show would go. He and his friends were big fans of Elizabeth and they wanted to see all 22 outfits on her, e.g. Oriental Nights, School Teacher, Bunny, Domina, School Girl, Dancer, Lady, Fetish Model, Stripper, etc. To make sure he asked for her measurements and shoe size again.

Elizabeth agreed and replied to his email. She wanted to know what she should wear before the show. The next day already she received the answer with all details. He wanted her to wear the same outfit she wore at the MTV event, which they saw on TV a few weeks ago.

You look great, Elizabeth. We are all very excited and happy that you are here tonight at my house for our private show.” With these kind words the guy welcomed Elizabeth. While enjoying some drinks and exquisite snacks with all the guests they talked about Elizabeth’ great photos and videos and her TV appearances. Among the guests were two women, a black guy and 7 more men. The show would take place in the big white room with great lighting and sound. Elizabeth could use a separate dressing room.


The music started and the whole room was filled with oriental sound. Elizabeth was ready and came to the white room dressed in a see-through red outfit with golden jewelry and mask. She was dancing to the music using the big red and blue decoration cloth and then the guests wanted her to lay down.


“Lift your long legs, Elizabeth! We want to see your pussy!”

Elizabeth felt good and she was willing to show everything.

The music changed and the next outfit was announced: “Sexy Teacher – and show us now your sexy booty, Elizabeth!” The wanted to see more. “Lift your lingerie and show us your ass and pussy!”

The next outfits were “Bunny” and “Heart Lady” and again she showed them her boobs with erect nipples, her pierced pussy and ass.

Then she showed them “Underwear”, “Ripped” and “Fashion Chick”.

They wanted her to come closer and show again her sexy booty and big pussy lips.

Next Elizabeth performed as “Pink Lady” and “Hotpants Slut”.

“What is written in German on your t-shirt, Elizabeth? Do you want it now?”  The crowd started to get really excited while Elizabeth was dancing to the loud music and then turned around to show them her sexy booty before she changed to “Jeans Girl” and “Schoolgirl”.



Next came “Dollar Dancer” and the guests put Dollar bills on her.

Elizabeth changed again into “Fetish Model”, “Flower Lady” and “Black and White”.

Then Elizabeth stripped off a purple costume, posed in big fishnet and came out again as a domina with a whip and finally layed on the floor spreading her legs extra wide.

The host announced now the last three outfits and promised that these would be the hottest of the whole performance. “Make LOVE – outfit 19″.

One guy asked if Elizabeth would come closer to him and lift her skirt. Elizabeth was in a really good mood and moved right in front of him. “I want to take my cock out and masturbate while you lift and spread your legs for me, ok?” Elizabeth was now also horny and she spread her legs wide and opened even her big pussy lips for him. “Please take off everything except the gloves and overknees.” Everybody was looking at the guy wanking hard and Elizabeth stared at his cock while she lifted her right leg and started to rub her pussy a little. “Don’t you wanna see my ass?” she asked him after a while and turned around.

“Wow! This was a hot performance, Elizabeth. Now you need some time to get ready for the second last show. Let’s all have some Vodkas and then Francine will help you putting the purple liquid latex on your body.”

When Elizabeth came back out the crowd could not be more excited.

She was posing sideways when all guys came closer and asked to get on the stool and stick her oily booty out. “We will now all take our cocks out and we want you to look at us while posing.” To see all men with open trousers wanking their big cocks turned Elizabeth on very much. She was again asked to spread her legs wide and she kept looking at the guys. Then one of the women brought Elizabeth a huge purple dildo and told her to make it wet.

“Elizabeth, we want you to use the dildo first from behind while sticking your booty out and then sitting with your legs spread wide! We want you to have an orgasm.” One of the guys came closer and he wanked his cocked very hard and fast. He came on Elizabeth’ leg right after she has an intense orgasm  moaning and breathing heavily.

Elizabeth went to the other room, washed herself and got ready for the last show.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen. The last performance “The Witch“.

The music was now really loud and Elizabeth was dancing around the guys and girls. One guy took off all his clothes and stood behind her holding her hips. She could feel his big one rubbing on her cheeks. “Elizabeth, turn around and touch his big cock now!”

“Please go down and rub my cock.” Elizabeth got a bit insecure but she went under him and held his big one in her hand. “I want you to lick him.” She moved closer but did not touch him with her mouth. “Well, here’s the deal, Elizabeth. I pay you a 1000 extra in cash for each guy you give a blowjob and/or you let him fuck you.” Elizabeth had quite some vodkas already and when one guy offered her a couple lines on a mirror she took them all. “Elizabeth, we want you afterwards also! We want to give it to you, hard and long.” She looked up at the guy feeling the flash all over her body and she opened her mouth and started to suck his big cock. All guys came closer and were wanking their cocks. “I wanna fuck you from behind now. Bend down, you bitch!” The guy was smiling while fucking Elizabeth deep and pressing her hips intensly against him. He really loved to watch her cheeks bouncing. She really had a great booty perfect for doggystyle.

Another 1000 and she had the next cock in her mouth. She got offered some more lines and then she was ready for more intense action. She got 9000 for all the nine guys giving them first a blowjob and then fucking her hard and long. Most of them did it doggystyle and the black guy really fucked her brains out.

She was screaming full of lust and at the end six guys came on her titts while she was laying satisfied and helpless on her back. The other guys were fucking like crazy with the two girls.

What a private show this was!

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Elizabeth Carson Private Show 22 Overview
Elizabeth Carson Private Show 22 Overview

At 03:00 in the morning Elizabeth was sitting in her taxi with 9000 in cash and a total of 20’000 for a very special and exciting private show.

Will Elizabeth do another show?

Check back later to find out!

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