ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Lingerie Black

High Heels Fetish Video and Photos with Ex-fashion-model Elizabeth Carson (Part 2). At a party she was asked if she wanted to come to an adult business casting in the lounge of the club. The guys saw her dancing dressed in a jacket, shirt, black lingerie and high heels. Elizabeth decided to go and was sitting in the comfortable leather couch of the lounge waiting for them to get ready. She had the shirt wide open showed off also her long stockinged legs.

The photographer and the video guy were ready and the casting director asked: “Are you going to show us your hot body, Elizabeth?”. She looked at him and said “Of course” and spread arms and legs.

“Let us see your booty first, Liz!”

She was proud of her ass and knew they would like it. Next they wanted to see her tits. Elizabeth was already quite horny and she showed it.

“Show us your pussy, Liz!”

Elizabeth spread her legs wide and showed them her pierced pussy.

Watch the trailer below to give you an idea what followed.

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Lingerie Black HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting Lingerie Black HD

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So, you’re willing to do everything, Elizabeth?  Nice!

And Elizabeth sucked the cocks of the whole crew and got fucked hard and long in all positions on the sofa by all four guys.

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Below is a white lingerie casting with her!

Elizabeth Carson Casting Lingerie White

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