High Heels Fetish Video and Photos with Andreea B. and Elizabeth Carson.  The girls got invited to a private party to entertain the men in various outfits and of course high heels. This video and the photos were produced in Switzerland.
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The job was easy. They had to turn the men on. So they put on sexy outfits and started their show. See below some low-res samples:

Yes! And now use the purple huge dildo!
Imagine, you were sucking our cocks! Change your outfits.
The men were happy and they started to shout: “Show us your titts!”
The men shouted: “We want to see both your titts!”
“We want to see your booties now!”
“We want to see you in different outfits”
Great! Get on the floor!
Good. Now put on the black outfit and get really hot!
Yes! That’s hot. Who’s ready for some real action?

The girls were not sure what the men meant and asked what kind of “real action” ?

“Our cocks are already hard and ready for you.”

Andrea smiled and said: “Maybe Elizabeth is ready for that …”

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Elizabeth changed her outfit and said: “Ok – Showtime!”

“So, what do you want me to do?” “Get on your knees and open my trousers.”

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