Dangerous Games 5

Francesca likes roleplays. A VIP member booked her as a French Maid. All she has to do is tidy up the bar area first after a long party. Later Francesca is enjoying herself in the bathroom instead of tidying up the room. She is then getting it hard from two guys and that’s what Dangerous Games 5 is about.

Let’s see how it all started.
Francesca is wearing stockings, high heels and a sexy French Maid outfit. The VIP member tells her to first clean the glass bar. There are still some guys relaxing on the sofa in the living room. They had quite an intense party and are now watching how Francesca is cleaning.

Her top keeps sliding down and her big and heavy breasts pop out quit often and that is being noticed by the guys on the sofa.

Francesca sees an open single malt whisky bottle. She feels like having some of that Cardhu.

Francesca asks if she could have some and the VIP member of course agreed. She pours herself a glass and turns around to drink it. Her French Maid costume is so short that her booty is now fully visible and she knows that.

“You can have more, Francesca. All we want is, that you show us your big boobs first.” Francesca smiles and pulls her outfit down. The guys are cheering and come closer.

“Show us more, Francesca!”

Video Snapshots of Dangerous Games 5

Francesca will need some more drinks, for sure, as the game goes on, first in the bedroom and then bathroom she has to tidy up.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 01
Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 02
Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 03
Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 © Karl Louis

She has the urge to look at her body and touch herself.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 04

Francesca is soon masturbating on the toilet seat with wide spread legs and forgets all about cleaning …

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 05

The guys come back and she gets “punished” for her disobedience.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 06

Both guys fuck her hard from behind while she has to suck the other one’s cock.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 07
Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 08

They really fuck her brains out and have to hold her mouth because she is screaming too much.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 5 09

Francesca gets fucked so hard and long that she will never forget it, for sure.

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Elizabeth Carson The Maiden
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