Strip Purple – with Elizabeth Carson slowly stripping off her purple costume in the studio and presenting her boobs, booty and stockinged long legs to the photographer and the spectators.

01 - Elizabeth Carson Strip Purple
Elizabeth Carson looking great in costume and stockings
03 - Elizabeth Carson Strip Purple

She knows how damn sexy she is and slowly moves the skirt down. Very slow enjoying every second.

04 - Elizabeth Carson Strip Purple

It always gets really hot when Elizabeth turns around and shows her sexy booty.

Elizabeth Carson Booty Time

Elizabeth looks at everybody and says “I show you my boobs and you will show me your cocks, deal?”

06 - Elizabeth Carson Strip Purple
07 - Elizabeth Carson Strip Purple

Booty time again, and this time the strings will be off.

Elizabeth Carson showing her booty

Elizabeth is happy to see all cocks hard and stiff. She says “I want you to cum for me. Show me how much sperm you have. Wanna cum on my booty?”

Elizabeth Carson in stockings and high heels only

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Elizabeth Carson Private Show 22
Elizabeth Carson Stripping a lot in Private Show 22

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