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Elizabeth Carson Best Of Studio (White)

ELIZABETH CARSON – Best Of Studio (White)

Elizabeth Carson got booked very often for shootings in the white studio. Sometimes there were additional spectators watching the shooting in the background. Can you imagine why?

She posed often in bikinis, like the one below with the special top showing her big nipples.

Elizabeth Carson - Butterfly Bikini

They guys loved her big nipples but they always wanted to see also her big pussy lips and piercing, especially from behind. She had to turn around often.

Elizabeth Carson in Overknees

It happened quite often that the spectators had to wank their cocks and they even wanted her to turn around and look at them and speak to them nasty. Elizabeth enjoyed that a lot and sometime she started to masturbate for them.

Most of the time the wanted to photograph and see her nice sexy booty.

Elizabeth Carson in stockings

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Sometimes they wanted Elizabeth to dance for them.

Her seductive dancing turned the guys on so much that they sometimes wanted more from her. You can enjoy the photos and some videos as a member and all the x-rated videos in the VIP-Lounge.

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