Chaplin with Stella van Gent

Stella van Gent in stockings and high heels with slight resemblance to Charlie Chaplin.

Stella van Gent Chaplin 03
Hi Stella, you look very elegant. Can you show us more of your legs?

Please stand up, Stella. We know you have the longest legs. We all would like to see them nicely packed in these wonderful stockings and on great high heels!

Stella van Gent Chaplin 05
Fabulous legs, one of the longest we’ve ever seen. All details in this location match perfect. It is a high class shooting.

Show us your booty, Stella.

Stella van Gent Chaplin 09
Wow, you look great. You make us hard. You are so elegant and sexy at the same time. Can you do some more posing? “Yes, but only for members” Stella says. “I can see how horny you all are … still – you have to join to see more!”

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