Scivu is hard to reach but the rocks there are worth it. Sexy High Heels Video with Francesca wearing a leo stringbody and leo high heels in beautiful Sardinia.

To pick the right outfit for a shooting is important as you can see here. This was a very good choice by Francesca. Glamorous and seductive at the same time.

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Sardinia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Have you ever been there? If yes, what is your favorite one?
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Below some low-res photos of Scivu Rocks shooting – Enjoy!

The wonderful reddish rock formations are the perfect scenery for a glamour beauty shooting with Francesca. The coast is a bit hard to reach but it is definitely worth it.

Below another beach adventure with Francesca!

Francesca Felucci Lollipop © Karl Louis
Francesca Felucci and her Lollipop – This shooting in Cea made quite some men nervous – They could not keep their eyes off Francesca even when walking by with their wives/partners – © Karl Louis

All rights reserved © KARL LOUIS