ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Stringbody

Elizabeth is one of the models for a stringbody casting. The competition is tough. Every girl/woman wants the job. Who will get it?

They all have to wear a microsling or stringbody and high heels. At the end there are three models left, an ebony, a blonde and Elizabeth.

The team is looking at the test pictures and then they interview the three finalists and ask them several questions. All three are willing to dance and pose nude. Which model should they take?

They take some more pictures but this time only of the booty. The decision seems to be easier to make now. Elizabeth had definitely the best booty.

To be sure they showed this picture and asked if they were willing to do it.

Now the decision could be made in this stringbody casting. Only Elizabeth agreed to do hardcore.

They told her to get the cock out, massage him, lick and suck him. 

And then she got mouthfucked

Then they told her to ride him

She then got fucked hard and long in the doggystyle position.  

And at the end she had to spread her legs wide and he fucked her really hard till he came.

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Another stringbody adventure with Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Carson – Dance Elizabeth!

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