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Elizabeth Carson BBC


(This adventure is based on a true story)

Elizabeth Carson liked going out dancing a lot. One evening she went to a club and met a black guy working as a security officer. He was fascinated by her and she suggested that he would join a photo and video shooting with her. He smiled and agreed to come the following week.

First some pictures were taken and both had to be topless.

Elizabeth was fascinated by his muscular body and he liked her curvy sexy body. She had to touch him and her nipples were already hard. He could not resist to touch her booty.

Elizabeth was asked to go down and open his trousers and take them off.


Elizabeth did not know that he was really a black monster. He looked friendly and smiled a lot but he was deep inside a wild animal. They wanted him to lift her up and carry her to the stool.

When she was on her back on the leather stool he pressed her legs apart and started to penetrate her deep and very hard.

Elizabeth got fucked so hard that she had to moan and even scream. After some time she asked for a break and a vodka. She then went to the restroom to relax a little. She opened her cosmetic bag and took out her special little mirror and prepared some lines. She really needed them.

When she came back they wanted some doggystyle and he was excited. He wanted that soo much already when they met in the club. He told her after he saw her dancing that he “wanted her from behind” and she just smiled. She remembered his words when he grabbed her hips. The real monster in him became now active. Elizabeth had to hold herself with both hands on the stool when he started pounding her from behind.

He wanted her to stand up so he could fuck her even harder. Everybody in the studio was now fascinated by the intensity of the action. They wanted her to tell him to “fuck her harder”. This video would become absolutely phantastic and Elizabeth knew now that without the lines she would not have been able to get through this.

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