Elizabeth Carson likes BBC. Let’s look at some examples.
(This adventure is based on true stories)

Security BBC 1

She likes going out dancing a lot. One evening she went to a club and met a black security officer. He was fascinated by her and she suggested that he would join a photo and video shooting with her. He smiled and agreed to come the following week.

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Young BBC Twice 2 and 3

Elizabeth is fascinated by a muscular body and black guys very often are well built. When he is young and has even a good face she is melting.

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Double BBC Twice 4 and 5

Better than one BBC are two BBCs is Elizabeth thinking when she meets two black professional football players. She can feel their muscles (and big cocks) under their business suits and they feel her hard nipples.

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Yellow and BBC 6

Elizabeth just has to touch a black muscular body. She gets turned on like crazy and what follows is even crazier.

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Red and BBC 7

She must meet a good BBC again and the session they have is even better.

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Bamboo and BBC 8

Elizabeth can’t get enough of a good BBC and she does everything to get him again.

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White and BBC 9

She does not only like BBC but also a muscular black ass! Elizabeth wants all of the black guy!

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